COBRA Coverage

I received a COBRA package from J.J. Stanis & Company, Inc.:

Q: What type of coverage is this for?
A: At the bottom of page 7 you will find the Plan information along the rate, begin and end date of the coverage you are being offered.

Q: What do I do if I want to continue with the COBRA coverage?
A: You will need to fill out the election form found on page 11. Your Social Security Number is the ID Number. Please list all dependents to be covered under the plan if you have a family plan. If you have an Individual plan you will only need to put in your information. Coverage type is the coverage you are being offered (Dental, and or Vision). Tier of coverage is Family and/or Individual.

Q: Where do I mail the election form?
A: The mailing information to start off your COBRA coverage can be found at the top of page 11. Please note that once the election form is received, J.J. Stanis Inc. will process it and send remittance coupons to you to make your payments. Please use the address on the coupons to make the remaining payments.

Q: Do I send in any payments with my election form?
A: It is best to send in the election form with your first month’s premium (rate can be found at the bottom of page 7), this way your COBRA coverage can be activated upon receipt of the election form and payment. If the election form is received without payment, COBRA coverage will be activated once a payment is received.

Q: Can I make more than one payment?
A: Yes, all you need to do is include all coupons for the months you are paying with one check for the total.

Q: Is there a different group number when I continue the COBRA coverage?
A: No. COBRA coverage is an extension of the coverage you had while active at work. The benefits and coverage under the plan remain the same.

Dental Benefits

Q. What is the difference between using a participating or non-participating provider?
A. In general, using a Stanis NetPlus provider will save you a considerable amount of money. Our dentists have agreed to accept reduced fees from our members.

Q. How do I find a list of participating providers?
A. Click here for a way to search for in-network providers with Stanis NetPlus.

Q. How do I ask my current dentist to become an in-network provider?
A. Under the Dental Networks Tab on our website you will see an option to Nominate a Provider. Click on this option and you will be prompted to enter the contact information for that dentist. Once you submit that form, we will receive the information and we will reach out to the dentist with all of the information about our network.

Q. My dependent is 19 years old. They are enrolled in college. How do I continue their coverage?
A. You will need to request proof of full-time student status from your dependent’s school. This can be done by either having your child search for Eligibility Verification on their student portal or by contacting the Bursar or Registrar office at the school. Please note that copies of schedules or tuition bills are not acceptable forms of proof.

Q. How can I access my claims online? / How can I see how much in benefits my family has used this year?
A. Click here for the instructions on how to access your account.

Q. What is my group number or my member identification number?
A. This information can be found on any Explanation of Benefits that we have sent you or you can contact our customer service department and we’d be happy to provide that information to you.

Excess Major Medical Plans (including vision coverage through NVA)

Q. What does my Excess Major Medical Plan cover?
A. To receive a full plan description, please contact our office and we will send you the current brochure for the plan that you are enrolled in.

Q. Why is NVA telling me that I’m not covered?
A. If you feel that your coverage should be in effect, please contact our office directly at 1-877-470-3715 and we will work with NVA on your behalf to have your information corrected.

Q. How do I access a NVA network provider?
A. You can visit NVA’s website at or to take you to right to the provider search portal, click here. Please make sure you select ShelterPoint as the Group/Sponsor.

Q. Will my Excess Major Medical reimbursement me for my co-payments paid to my doctors?
A. Your Excess Major Medical coverage will not reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses related to in-network expenses, such as co-payments. Please contact our office for a full explanation of what your specific plan will cover.

Flexible Spending Accounts

(For claims access):